Saturday, 23 June 2012

Friendship at a bad night

Yesterday, after sunset.
Night in Langa.
Something bad happened.

One PPG-employee was on her way home.
A woman who has been through everything; poverty, unemployment, divorce, raising children all alone, assault, attempted murder and complete loneliness.

She was no one.
She had no one.
No one cared about her.

A pregnant woman asked her for help by the side of street.
Then she did something she knows you should never do, especially when it is dark.
She stopped to lend a hand.
This pregnant lady was part of a scam, teamed up with two other men who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.
They pushed a gun to her face.
They robbed her of everything she carried.
She founded from the fear.

Her little niece accompanied her to the police station.
This girl called some of her colleagues. 
A group of them dropped what they were doing and immediately went to see her.
Just to be there for her, support her, hug her.
They did not want her be alone on a night like this.
 She is one of them.

In truly ugly moments.
Real friends stand by your side.

She is someone.
People care, about her.

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