Monday, 7 April 2014

The Langa-effect

This world has boatloads of them.
All kinds, some extremely detailed, others more generic.
A concept is defined by a group of conditions which all must be fulfilled for it to take place.
Environment. Creatures present. Time. Location. Emotions.
Every concept has a birth date, a moment in time when someone decided that the overall value of a certain situation saw to it deserving its own name.
Our planet has a finite ever-changing amount of known concepts invented by men, and the number keeps increasing.
Thus, logically it must follow that every once in a while a new concept is born.

The moment it happened
A township in the very very south of Africa.
I stood outside of the offices at PPG, glancing at the grassy field before me.
Crowded with trolls rehearsing for the opening ceremony of the upcoming soccer tournament.
Stage clothes.
Very loud marimbas.
Our little dancers performing like real pros.
Friends and tons of laughter.

The first punch
All these children.
Their living situation. Their poverty. Their statistical future prospects. The probability of alcohol abuse in their families. The brutality of the surrounding soceity. The things they are forced to see.
The  dark .

The second punch
All these children.
Their sincere joy. Their friendships. Their feeling of having a consistent platform at PPG. Their growing self-worth making them believe that they have a chance. Their PPG family. Their hope.
The  light .

The stunning punch
All these children.
How pathetic it is to hold on to a grudge as if it were a precious diamond.
How weeny it is to focus on the ugliness instead of on the beauty in memories.
How embarrassing it is to be too proud or too bitter to forgive people who hurt us long ago.
How preposterous it is to obsess over what we lost and be completely blind to what we gained.
How self-destructive it is to remember the wrongs done to us and let the rights fall into oblivion.
How unworthy it is to let the lingering over what we might not have tomorrow numb the appreciation of what we do have today.
Every coin has two sides.

These children, with their living situation.
Their amazing way of unconsciously underlining "just how we should look at life".
Their capacity to embrace the goodness in whatever environment encircles them.
Their immunity to ponderousness was too contagious for me to resist.
If they can do it, I can do it!
Suddenly the effect overran me like a juggernaut.
Like a defenseless victim I fell prey to their epidemic.
I could not but to follow in their inspiring footsteps.
I let go off that dark weight I still kept inside.
I chose to imbibe the beauty instead.
A light relieving breeze flowed right throw me.

A sunny afternoon, some day at the end of March 2014.
The historical timeline of concepts was forever altered.
Now this universe contains at least one more.

The Langa-effect.

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