Wednesday, 30 November 2011

This is sunshine

Area of the temporary housings.
The zone which burned to the ground in the big fire of 2005.
The area that was rebuilt with the promise that it was only going to be "temporary", new houses were on the way...
It's been nearly 8 years now.
One of our Play on Wheels-girls is a shy and rather precautious person.
At least so it seemed.
The first time we visited her she would not let us come near her. She drew back.
Nothing new usually ever happens to her.

We have been to her place quite a few times now.
The lattest can only be defined as sunshine.
She started cheering already when she saw us in the doorway.
One of us sat down beside her and she took his hand.
Just like that!
The feel of contact and the light thrill of a visitor.
Variation from laying on the bed all day.

Pure sunshine.

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