Thursday, 17 November 2011


All gone.
The ancient white and orange wall color in the big hall where we have Project Playground gatherings is just a mere memory now.
Light-blue all over.
A continuation of the sky (which is almost visible through the dirty windows).
A South African construction company of 17 people did the job. Instead of having a classical Christmas closure with a big fancy dinner, they volunteered to buy paint, bring all the necessary equipment and come out to Langa themselves to improve the feel-good for the kids.
Simply amazing.
Some of our musicians had a session with the painters and taught them a bit of drums and how to dance.
Constructors in the spotlight.
Pure fun for everyone. Wonderful, really.

The stage

Quite a few small spectators came to visit during the day to see what all the fuzz was about and to make sure that the workers in white overalls actually did their job!
...And clearly, they were thrilled to see them perform...

During the lunch-break the overallers threw a bbq (braai, as they call it here) in our sunny "square".
Hot dogs & sodas for everyone!
By everyone I mean; the kids at place, their own people and all the Project Playground staff.
Instant coffee with bagged milk in paper cups for the big ones.
Lollipops for the little ones.
...And soccer for the ones with some run in their legs.

Leave a trace.
Handprints of all the utilisers of the hall in black on the (now skyish) pelars.
Almost immortality.

For your time, your effort, your open minds & those huge hearts of yours. 
Thank you.


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