Thursday, 10 November 2011

This is the story of the blind singer

We took the car to a centre for disabled children today.
The place was lovely. The staff was energetic and  passionate and the kids were all cheery. Therapy rooms and toys everywhere.
We were shown around and got quite a few chances to meet some charming little creatures!
Such an inspiration!

This centre runs a concert every December, where the kids are the stars. 
We were invited to see the show this year.
In one of the therapy rooms there was a huge wall covered with photos of the children, taken during events from the past.
The staff started grinning, telling stories about this one remarkable girl...  

This is how the story begins.
Her story. The blind singer.
A young girl. Due to her disability, she was literally thrown away by her parents when she was very small.
All alone and left to die, the animals fed on her.
They ate her eyes.
She lost her sight, but was lucky enough to be spotted and saved.

This child could sing like a Goddess. She was the star of the December-concert.
Sing to us.
Apparently the combination of her smile and her voice had the capacity to knock out an entire crowd! She would just glow.
One moment of perfection. Nothing had existed before and nothing will exist ever after. Only now. Right now.

She passed away.
The pneumonia she got due to her living conditions took her.


This is in memory of a chanter who still makes people smile.
Sing to us.

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