Saturday, 29 October 2011

Excursion with influx

Excursion with the "Below-8" kids of Project Playground today.
64 little trolls on the loose! ;)

Before I tell you what we did during the day I will tell you what happened before...

So, previously:
Registrations were handed out to all parents, just a few days before the actual excursion was about to take place.
EVERYONE applied. EVERY SINGLE kid! The parents practically threw their kids at us!

I was stunned. I mean, this should not even be possible! Some kid MUST have other plans....
But noone was pre-booked. Because they all live in a township. In such a place you find: gravel, dust, small shacks, trash, asphalt and absence of money (thus also toys). What "stimulating weekend acitivities" can the parents come up with to offer their children under those conditions?

Now, today's events:
Soaking rain.
Breakfast in the Project Playground cafeteria in Langa. 
In the form of letting the children watch a cartoon in our new "cinema room". This room is (at most) 4x4 meters, with a recently donated TV and not even cushions to sit on. We all cozily squeezed on the floor with towels (and whatever other "coverage" we could get our hands on) preventing as much as light as possible from slinking in through the windows. They loved the surprise!
In your face Murphy! 
Roadtrip with our troll-army to a park near the ocean.
They were ecstatic just to get out of Langa, just to sit in a bus really. In the middle of the park premises there was a huge green lawn.
Shoes off everyone! Hurry! Run! Feel the grass tickling under your feet!
They were caught by some kind of innocent and complete happiness I had never witnessed before. Like nothing in the universe could rob them of this moment of perfection. You might ask yourself if there is a limit to how good it can feel to simply lay down and perceive the softness below you and the sky above you with all that you are. The answer is NO, today I saw IRL that there is not.
Pic-nic lunch.
Play under the sun. 
Go go go!
Roadtrip home.
With a snack-fruit to go and one of those all-through true smiles on their little faces.


  1. Tack Josefin nu har jag fått en ny "måste-läsa" blogg till min lista. Tänkte på dig idag, fick senare ett sms med denna blogglänk! Underbart att höra från dig och det du upplever. tycker personligen att det är fantastiskt att läsa det du skriver. Det är tänkvärt, poetiskt och givetvis verkligt. Du berör helt enkelt. kram, allt gott till dig från oss!

  2. Äntligen har du kommit ut på nätet, facebook nästa eller? Ska bli intressant att läsa din blogg, önskar dig allt gott.