Friday, 28 October 2011

I am invisible

I have got to know quite a few black friends here.
Something strikes me when I spend time with them and talk to them about their living situations, their expectations and how things function....
They are a bit too submissive. Too oppressed. Too accepting. Too faded. Too indifferent. Too tired on the inside.

Then it hit me that this people has been mistreated, abused, looked down on and despised since... FOREVER!

They do not know what equality feels like, because that has never existed for them!
They do not know what it means to be taken seriously by the government, because noone has any record of that ever occurring!
They have no idea how it would be to have the same life prospects as "the others", because honestly, they do not!

With all this inside of you....

Why should you feel that you, only because you are you, matter?
Why should you think that this time someone up there will actually listen to YOU?
Why should you believe that it can be, and even more, ever will be different?
Why should you stand up for yourself?
Why should you fight for your rights?

Of war. Of fighting for justice. Of trying. Of being put down. Of retrying. Of nothing happening.

Of people not caring.

Of not being seen...

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