Friday, 14 October 2011

First impression

I arrived to Cape Town yesterday. My first time in Africa.

I visited Yolanda at the Red Cross children's hospital and I was struck by everyone's inexplicable positive thinking. And their smiles. But also the horrible conditions of both the hospital and the children!

I went to see the centre of Project Playground in the afternoon.
Witnessing it IRL just kept me thinking: "It is possible to make a difference. Anything is possible!"
The children.
All thrilled to meet and hug a "new playmate" (me!) and just overall grateful to get the chance to play football or dance together. And feel safe for a while. Sanitary disasters, wrecks for a home and torn little shoes.... Small people so cheerful and yet living in such a misery!
The staff.
All being there for the kids.
Giving them a safe place where they can feel that they matter in this world and a decent meal before they go home at night. Trying to help them build a better future for themselves by changing their self-esteem. Encouraging the parents to bond with the kids.

A numerous amount of smiling persons said this phrase to me yesterday...
This whole place makes you feel it, really.

"Welcome to Africa"

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