Monday, 24 October 2011

Feel the wind on the face

I am still in a state of chock.

This afternoon we went out to Langa to visit the families whose kids we want to engage in Play on Wheels.
The living conditions of these families. And of the disabled children.... Unimaginable.
Some of the kids could communicate, others could not. Some could move, others could not.
Some of them smiled at us (most of them!), others were a bit shy and looked away.
Some things they did have in common though: they were all dirty, cabined up inside and neglected by society, they had no dignity of life whatsoever and no idea how the world looks outside of their four crumbling walls.
The stench in some of the houses was unbearable while the love of the caring relatives was overall heartbreaking.

I cannot in words describe what I have seen, smelled and felt today.
I do not think that such misery can be contained by any vocabulary.
One would hope that it can not....

Imagine giving these children attention & stimulation by having fun and just letting them feel the wind on their face.

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  1. I am deeply impressed and proud of your commitment to this cause. Keep up the spirit of Josephine!